Effective Content


Solve a problem



We Start With...

1.Who is watching
the content?

It’s not good enough to answer, “This video should appeal to everyone”.

Be specific – the better we can identify your audience, the more opportunity you will have to move them.

2.How are they
watching it?

It is critical to understand on what platforms the viewer will be watching.

This dictates the length of content, genre, manner of storytelling, edit structure, music, sound and export formats.

3.What do you need as content creator?

You want something out of it too!

Are you informing, entertaining, training, interrupting, building a relationship, building your brand or are you driving sales?

The Production Spectrum

You can engage us at various points along this spectrum, based on your expertise and needs. The scale and scope is entirely dependent on the outcomes required.

  • Consultation

    We want to get to know you. We will meet and ask the big three questions and more.

  • Strategy

    We are happy to advise on what content is needed and how it fits into your existing marketing strategy. We can guide you on what to make, where to distribute and when to release it.

  • Creative

    We love coming up with concepts and writing scripts. You may know exactly what you need, or we can help with the ideas process.

  • Development

    We have a green light! Commonly called ‘pre production’, we’re getting everything prepared, before the cameras roll.

  • Production

    The Director in a chair, yelling “lights, camera, action!”. It’s the capturing of the content, on the shoot days.

  • Post Production

    This is everything that happens after the content has been captured – editing, visual effects, graphics, music, sound design, colour grading the list goes on – depending on the scale of the project.

  • Distribution

    The point of making your content is to get it seen. At the cinema, on TV, as part of a presentation, at a trade show, a retail display, in a lift, a plane, a taxi, your website, intranet, social media, embedded in an email – however you need it we can supply it.