What's it like inside Burninghouse?

Headshot of Charlie Porter

Charlie Porter

Head of Content | Partner

Headshot of Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson

Head of Production | Partner

Headshot of Mitch McTaggart

Mitch McTaggart

Head of Post

Headshot of girl smiling

Kathleen Reynolds

Senior Producer

Headshot of girl smiling

Georgia Downey

Assistant Producer

Headshot of Shirhan Manan

Shirhan Manan

Lead Animator

Headshot of Francis Gozon

Francis Gozon

Camera | Editor

Headshot of male smiling

Stefan Johannesen


Headshot of male

Daniel Provan


headshot of Ian Bradka

Ian Bradka

Business Development

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Why 'Burninghouse'?

We often get asked where the name ‘Burninghouse’ came from.

It literally started with a spark, that ignited a blazing house fire, lit by co-founders Charlie and Tim for a commercial shoot while freelancing. The burning house was a metaphor for a new start and a new offering – delivering ‘online video’.

The burning house was filmed for the client, but also represented an opportunity to capture content, including the first two pieces of content for themselves. To this day maximizing content outcomes from a single event remains at the core of our approach.

Re-live that particular day (and have a laugh) by viewing our first promos.

See how it started
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Think you can take the heat? Join our team.

Burninghouse is always on the lookout for great talent. If you like what you see, shoot us an email with a cover letter and CV.

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