ACCC – Consumer Data Rights

Explainer Animation, Government

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The ACCC was seeking to create a suite of videos as part of a wider consumer education program, to educate the public on the new Consumer Data Right (CDR).

The brief was a challenging and exciting one. Burninghouse recognised that communications must primarily build Trust, balancing both the emotional engagement of the audience and the informative requirements of the complex messaging to be conveyed.

We knew that different types of video engender different reactions with audiences and are better suited to different communications, which led to an interesting conundrum:

Question: Should we use the authentic emotional engagement of real people and live action video, or the instructive, illustrative power of animation.

Answer: Let’s use a mix of both!

The Burninghouse concept was to deliver a content series, driven by a warm, approachable human presenters delivering messaging, in a wholly animated environment, which gave us the freedom to illustrate some of the more complex and visually challenging requirements of explaining data and its management in a digestible manner.

This blended live action/ animation approach was hugely successful at launch, delivering on moving the audience’s awareness, understanding and action around the control they have over their data.