2nd October, 2017

So are you a production company?


Man looking at painting of burning house in gallery

Currently we at Burninghouse promote ‘Creative Visual Content’. This statement has been great at describing what we deliver, but the market demands a better understanding of what type of company we are. We get asked all the time “So are you a production company?”

Traditionally production companies have operated in a very narrow field; only offering services to create or produce video and animation. The script and budget has already been determined and the task is to simply shoot and edit the footage on time and within budget. “Whatever the client wants, we can make it” has always been the mantra.

Since our inception almost ten years ago, Burninghouse has adopted a different approach, as in some instances clients haven’t always been exactly sure what they require, especially as the opportunities afforded by digital technology and platforms started to explode.

Where possible we have always sought to add value and move thinking, above and beyond what is asked of us and to assist our clients and partners to better understand visual content and its power. We have always offered creative services, such as concept development and script writing.

We have given strategic advice; as simple as the merits of shooting a talking head versus using a presenter or, the benefits of video versus animation. This has frequently extended to providing strategic planning, unpacking audiences or proposing content ecosystems for clients.

In response to this and to developments in the market, we feel it a better representation to refer to ourselves as a Visual Content Agency. The public seem to identify with this Agency title, especially when they begin to understand our broad offering.

So, we are now calling ourselves; Burninghouse, Visual Content Agency.

We are at pains to reinforce to our existing partners, friends and clients that we will not be delivering branding and advertising services, writing marketing plans or developing websites. We want to stick to our knitting!

We are a Visual Content Agency, partnering to advise and deliver on, Video and Animation content. We have a great track record delivering on this and we want to continue doing so.

This all means, we can look to deliver a more comprehensive offering, supporting content in areas like analytics and better understanding more niche formats like personalised video for our clients.

So now when people ask “Are you a production company?”. We will be answering “Production is one part of the spectrum of our services. Burninghouse is a Visual Content Agency”.