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Performance sports apparel brand 776BC needed product launch collateral for their exciting new sports tech product; Motion.

The Brief

Create engaging and informative content to promote and launch this new sports performance product.

Our Solution

The Motion range is grounded in heavy science, yet deceptively simple. We sought to provide the viewer immediate context around this, while delivering the ‘wow’ factor the product demands.

We spoke directly with key stakeholders in the evolution of the product to understand, the kernel of the idea, its development and the benefits delivered to the wearer and their coaching staff. These interviews provide our narrative.

A series of dynamic shoots with a number of elite Australian athletes, coupled with motion tracking animation, works to express in short order the immediate benefits of this scientifically complex but simple product.

We worked closely with the team at 776BC to understand, develop and deliver not only this cornerstone communication content, but further an ecosystem of content for their various platforms (Web, App, Social etc.) for the product launch and ongoing usage.