Homesafe TVC

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HomeSafe required a TVC campaign to raise awareness for their brand, while engaging audiences and explaining their Wealth Release equity release solution, targeting older Australians.

The target audience was identified as anxious and reluctant and that there was a negative connotation to the product, so building trust was a major goal. By creating a narrative using the personal voices of real people, Burninghouse could promote an authentic understanding of the positive approach, experiences and outcomes provided and delivered by Homesafe and their innovative property contract.

The personal testimonial narrative was captured via a ‘partial mirror’ technique, being a great approach to connect with the audience and explain the details of the product.

Burninghouse conceived, developed and delivered this successful campaign, based on a content plan comprising a series of TVC’s, longer form and snackable short Digital content, that has run across major Metro markets for a number of years.