National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council


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Burninghouse worked directly with the NMVTRC and their behavioural consultants to develop a campaign concept, positioning and accompanying video collateral.

The campaign creative simply and effectively aimed top raise awareness of the method of ‘sneak theft’ and the importance of better home security, while at the same time allaying community fears associated with the term ‘home invasions.’

From this, the Pop.Lock.Stop campaign was born, and the concept of ‘a rewind to the cause of the issue’ was developed and bought to life across a suite of TV, Cinema and digital assets. Importantly the flexibility of the campaign positioning and collateral was flexible enough to be utilised beyond simply the video content and used for all digital and print messaging too.

Quote: Caitlin Hrambanis Projects and Communications Coordinator 

We really valued the effort Burninghouse put into this creative. We thought that ‘Reverse sneak thefts’ concept was innovative and engaging and most importantly, addressed the real heart of the campaign.